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Life Support

SBEC has a special concern for the safety and well being of our members. There are many instances when our members are home using special life support equipment. If you, your relative, neighbor or friend fall in this categoryLife Support please contact the cooperative. A Life Support Information sheet will be mailed so that the important information can be obtained for our files. When a dangerously long outage occurs, these members can be notified of the possible hazardous conditions.

Disconnect for Ill and Disabled Rule states that no electric utility may disconnect the service to a delinquent residential customer permanently residing in an individually metered dwelling unit when that customer establishes that disconnection of service will result in some person residing at that residence becoming seriously ill or more seriously ill if service is disconnected. Each time you seek to avoid disconnection of service under this rule, you must have your attending physician call or contact the cooperative within 16 days of the issuance of the bill to report your condition. You or your physician must provide a confirmation letter to the cooperative within 26 days of issuance of the bill. The refrain against disconnection of service by this rule will last 63 days from the issuance of the bill unless a lesser period has been agreed upon. If you make a request to avoid termination under this provision, you must enter into a deferred payment contract.

You or your physician will need to provide a currrent letter, explaining your condition, every 12 months ( 1 year) to continue to be elilgible for this program.

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