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Reporting an Outage

Automated Outage Reporting 

In April 2002, SBEC implemented a new outage management system. This new system will be answered by SBEC’s new Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) starting in May 2002. You might be asking yourself: “Outage system-IVR? ; this sounds confusing! When in reality during a major power outage, this new system will be able to handle hundreds of members trying to alert SBEC. It will assist SBEC to respond quicker and more effectively.

When the flow of electricity to your home is disrupted for whatever reason (storms, equipment failure, etc…), the new outage system will function as follows:

  • Call SBEC and report the outage
  • The new system recognizes your telephone number and pinpoints your location
  • The new system asks you to verify your location and accesses your information
  • SBEC dispatches a repair crew

NO WAITING for processing and no BUSY SIGNALS! SIMPLE EFFICIENT Outage Reporting. The call should last approximately one minute.

Through a computerized mapping network, SBEC receives the information we need quickly. The system will show our dispatchers where the problem originates: substation, circuit, transformer or meter.

The key tool for the system is SBEC’s database. The system utilizes our database and recognizes your account first by the telephone number. If we already have your phone number entered in to the system, it will: automatically recognize and pinpoint your location; ask for verification and access your account information. If your phone number is not on file, it will ask for your phone number, meter number, and or account number. This will allow the system to recognize your account. This will lengthen the duration of your call somewhat.

Hopefully you’ll never have to report an outage, but just in case your power does go out, you’ll want SBEC to be notified as quickly as possible so repairs can begin immediately. You can help SBEC make this process quick and efficient as possible by sending SBEC your correct phone number (for each account/s). Please provide SBEC your phone number by calling SBEC at 1-800-364-3171. SBEC will not use your phone number for any other reason. Your number and personal information will be protected by our member privacy policy.


Non-Automated Outage Reporting 

SBEC is dedicated to providing the most reliable power supply possible. However, if your power goes off, please follow these instructions:

  1. Check your circuit breakers or fuses to determine if the trouble is not in your own system.
  2. Check to see if your neighbors have power. This will help SBEC determine whether the trouble is caused by a transformer serving your home or is more general in nature.
    • Call SBEC and report the outage
    • give the name on the account or the account number

    • give the location or address of the outage
    • give the possible cause if known
  3. To report an outage 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, phone the following
    Bellville area : (979) 865-3171
    Columbus area : (979) 732-8346
    Waller area : (936) 372-9176
    Lavaca area : (361) 798-4393
    Other areas : 1-800-364-3171


    Nights, Weekends or Holidays call
    (979) 865-3171 or 1-800-364-3171
  4. If the outage is the responsibility of the cooperative there will be NO CHARGE. If the Co-op responds to a call and it is determined that the outage is on the member's side of the meter, such as a tripped breaker or a blown fuse, etc., you may be billed for a trip fee.
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