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Weather Watch in effect for today, June 20, 2023. ERCOT is requesting voluntary conservation for today from 4PM-8PM to help prevent an Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) and controlled outages. A new June demand record was set yesterday. 

Tips to help reduce usage during this time:

- During the summer - Raise your thermostat by a degree or two, if safe to do so. During the winter - Lower your thermostat by a degree or two, if safe to do so.

- Set pool pumps to run early in the morning or overnight; shut off during peak hours.

- Avoid using large appliances (i.e., washer/dryer etc.).

- Turn off and unplug non-essential lights and appliances.

- Commercial Business: Turn off any lights and office equipment (or place in sleep mode) when space not in use.

- Commercial Business: Turn off air-conditioning/heating outside of business hours.

SBEC will continue to monitor grid conditions and keep membership informed of any updates from ERCOT on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Once again, please do what you can to help reduce usage during 3PM-9PM today.