Stay Current on Summer Grid Conditions

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Among all the talk you see on TV (NEWS) about possible rolling blackouts during the 2023 summer season, there is a new website where you can stay current on Texas grid conditions. ERCOT has created this new page, TXANS, as part of its ongoing efforts to provide clear and reliable communications with the public.

TXANS will:

  1. Serve as a resource to the public to follow ERCOT grid conditions.
  2. Introduce the ERCOT Weather Watch
  3. Inform the public on grid condition levels and of any public energy conservation action needed.
  4. Keep all Texans informed through various communication channels.

Here locally at San Bernard Electric Cooperative, we work hard to maintain a reliable electric distribution system and stand ready to respond to any type of outage on our system, but we are subject to the ERCOT grid conditions.

Please continue to check SBEC’s website, SBEC.ORG, and our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, for any updates on outages in our service territory along with grid conditions and or any energy conservation requests on the new ERCOT site.